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What's your New Year's wish for the CNMI?

What's your New Year's Resolution?
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(FYI, photo shows Hapi the Clown harrassing Jim)

Games resume on Jan. 3

Badminton addicts, NMBF president Jonathan Perez apologized for being invisible or out of touch. He was busy pirouetting and dancing in his tutus for their company Christmas Party.

Well, you can once again play badminton on your usual morning schedule and weekends, starting January 3.

Happy playing!!!!

XMAS Party

Thanks for attending the NMBF Christmas Party!

Once again, you as a member or non-member yet, have made the evening memorable again. Please let us know what you think about it and we hope to hear your suggestions for the group and so on.

Bon Voyage to Ate Malou and Kuya Lito Mendoza!
Welcome back to Ate Shirley Kim and Kuya Jo, a single man until the 20th....


From 'cocks' to "bowls'

NMBF members try their hands on bowling. As the Saipan Tribune editor quipped "NMBF members fed up of shuttle-COCKS now they're trying the Bowls--So from Cock to Bowls....get it?"

The members as guided by professional bowlers and NMBF members Gigi Zapanta and Roger Valles have joined the tournament that started last Thursday. Team members are: Hapi, Marconi, Gigi, Malou, Lito, Diane, Edwin, Rosel, Emil and Jinky.

Traders Ins. is the official sponsor for the group...Yeeha!

Watch and support whenever you have the time, every Thursday now!!!

NMBF Christmas Party 2006

O Christmas Party na!

Dec. 15, 2006
Club V, Saipan Grand Hotel
5pm to 10pm
$10 per member, $12 per non-member
$6 per child....

$10 minimum X-change Gift (optional)
Christmas attire is highly encouraged!!!!

With games and presentations such as dance, song et. al.

Join Ka Na!