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Retro Party!!!

Hey peeps, dont forget the party tonight ok?!

Looking forward to fun and games, all tribute to Kuya Lito's 60th year in this world!



Umaraw e. (the sun is up, that's why the japanese baseball clinic won't need the gym)


Due to the bad weather, the Ada Gym requested NMBF to cancel Saturday, Jan. 27 badminton practice. The Japanese Baseball Clinic will use the gym instead.

Bummer....oh well, just go to kuya Lito's Retro Party in the evening then...


A Retro Party for Kuya Lito

It's Retro in the Metro, at least we pretend we are in the metro on Saturday, Jan. 27, 2007 for kuya Lito Mendoza's Birthday Bash!!!

Everyone is invited to this grand 21st birthday of our dear member Lito Mendoza.

Theme: Retro (meaning attend in your best 60s to 70's outfit)
Venue: Mendoza Residence at Tropex Garden As Lito, I don't know if it's As Lito already. Can somebody correct me on this? Thanks....
Time: 7pm...

Watch out for some hot stuff production numbers from five of the best drag queens on the island....

New Year Countdown

NMBF members and couple Jinky and Emil De Belen, flanked by the Tres Amigas and friend Tomoko during a countdown party at the Saipan Grand Hotel Poolside.

So where did you spend your countdown?