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NMBF Team Tourney Set November

Over 100 are expected to take part in Northern Marianas Badminton Federation's team tournament slated for next month. (Saipan Tribune) The Northern Marianas Badminton Federation will hold its culminating badminton tournament in November for its over 100 members in the CNMI.

Dubbed the NMBF Team Tournament, the competition is open only to members with badminton skills grade from A to D. It will consist of at least eight teams with at least 10 members each. The teams will have corresponding sponsors, which will be determined based on availability of sponsorships.

The NMBF Team Tournament is tentatively scheduled to run from Nov. 22 to Dec. 14 during Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays within the scheduled dates. The team tournament will include divisions in the men's doubles, women's doubles, and mixed doubles.

Registration is now ongoing and application forms are available at the Gilbert C. Ada Gymnasium starting Oct. 27, from Mondays through Thursdays in the morning and on Saturdays and Sundays during the regular badminton practice games.

Registration fee is $30 each participant. The fee includes game fees and banquet fees for the awarding ceremony in December.

NMBF president Marconi Calindas said he is excited about the club's second team competition.

“We are looking forward to an improved system since we have had coaching and umpire skills training recently from Oceania Badminton Confederation. We really learned a lot from the training especially with proper umpiring during games. We have learned so much. However, we need the members' cooperation to make this event worthier and more rewarding than last year's successful team tournament. We are still looking and asking for the generosity of our avid sponsors to help us out in this event,” he said.

For more information on the upcoming tournament, contact membership committee head

Hapi Gabriel at 287-4274.

On another note, NMBF is currently holding its Friday Night Viewing of the recently concluded Beijing Olympics Badminton Gold Medal Matches. Last Friday the group started with the men's and women's doubles gold medal matches between Indonesia and China and Korea and China, respectively. At least 25 members gathered last Friday at member Elma Labuson's home theater in As Matuis. The next Friday Night Viewing is scheduled on Nov. 7 tentatively scheduled at Shirley's Coffee Shop in Susupe from 6:30pm to 9:30pm.

The group will be viewing the gold medal matches in men's and women's singles and mixed doubles. The purpose of this activity is to inform the members how the professional badminton is being played internationally.

The members learn from the actual games the proper positioning and footwork during the games.

“Our female members learned last time that women are not a weak gender because the female badminton players in the during the Olympics showed impressive power smashes and agile footwork. They also learned more about the attack and defense positions. Next time the members will see that women and men during mix doubles play equally in the court,” said Calindas. (saipan tribune)

Viewing Night


NMBF will hold a viewing night (film night) of the Beijing Olympics 2008 Badminton Women's and Men's Doubles this friday at one of our members'place in Marpi.

You are invited.

Tentatively, we are holding it at our Elma Labuson's place in As Matuis, Marpi area. We are also looking at holding it at Sun Palace to accommodate more people. We will just borrow a multimedia projector from Elma. We can always hold it by batch. Please watch out for further announcements.

So the first one will be held this friday. (Women's Doubles China vs.Korea) It's an exciting game!

This event is in line with the group's Training and Development Committee Program to enhance the skills of the players. During the game, we will have analysis and emphasis on the techniques used during these professional games.


Marconi Calindas

Myth: Badminton a 'wrist game'

"It's a myth that the power of a badminton shot comes from the wrist," says
England head coach Ian Wright. "Strong legs propel you into the air, a
strong core translates that strength into the upper body, and strong upper
and forearms finish the shot. Training should focus firstly on leg strength
with weights or plyometric exercises [such as jumping], then core strength
and then the upper body."

Be unpredictable

Today's lighter rackets mean you can use shorter swings - essential for
deceiving your opponent. "The key to deception is to keep your shot
preparation as short as possible to limit the information about where it's
going," Wright says.

Use an old racket

"A great way to speed up defensive reflexes is to use a heavier racket,"
Wright says. "Practise the low defensive shots with an old racket for a
couple of minutes, then switch back to your normal racket."

Double up

If you play only singles or doubles, try playing both to develop a fuller
set of skills. "Singles hones your agility and decision-making skills, and
doubles improves your power, reflexes and speed," Wright says.

Get closure

The abolition of the old scoring system (you scored only on your own serve)
means every shot now counts, creating a more intense game. "To stay focused,
analyse what you've done after each point, and why it happened, then get
closure on it and move on to the next point feeling positive."

Avoid backhands

When you're at the rear of the court, backhands aren't powerful enough:
"Always try to play a forehand, even if that means reaching across to play
one on your backhand side (known as a round-the-head shot)," Wright says.


Sunday Schedule for Oct 26

Please be informed that our schedule on Sunday, Oct. 26, will be from 5pm to 9pm to give way for the Beach Road Magazine Total Sports event, which NMBF will also be participating from 4pm to 5pm on that day.

Coaches, let's test your newfound skills on that day to teach at least 30 kids (13-17yo) for an hour.

Your cooperation will be highly appreciated.



Jerry Tan donates 'shuttles' to NMBF

NMBF member Jerry Tan has donated 30 tubes of shuttlecock during the Farewell Party for OBC Officer Tony Mordaunt last October 10 held at the Tan’s residence in Navy Hill.

Tan said he will continue to support NMBF and other sports association in any way he can, as getting involved in various sports is his passion.

“Badminton, tennis, swimming, soccer, bowling, or any sport, as long as we see more people getting involved with sporting events, we will always be here to extend a helping hand,” Tan said.

NMBF president Marconi Calindas, thanked Tan for hosting the event and donating shuttlecocks.

“CNMI’s passion for badminton amazing”

Oceania Badminton Confederation regional development manager Tony Mordaunt's 11-day visit on Saipan made him discover the island's passion for the sport which he believed is crucial in the development of badminton in the CNMI.

“I've been to many Pacific Island nations, but I've never seen passion as keen as what NMBF members have shown in my more than one week of stay here,” Mordaunt said during the Northern Marianas Badminton Federation's farewell part for him at Jerry Tan's residence on Navy Hill.

“They are very enthusiastic to learn the sports and the coaches who attended the course were committed to learn,” he added.

Mordaunt conducted an introductory coaching course at the Gilbert C. Ada Gymnasium last week with 12 NMBF members making the grade.
The list include NMBF president Marconi Calindas, Lito Mendoza, Gigi Zapanta, Hapi Gabriel, Shirley Kim, Macoi Aguda, Ingrid Sanchez, Babes Cielo, Emily Vargas, Merlie Sabillano, Edwin Montoya, and Juliet Ramos.

Mordaunt said the enthusiasm and passion that NMBF members and coaches are showing are big factors in ensuring the growth of the sport in the Commonwealth.

“If these coaches will continue to show interest in promoting the sport by going to schools and teaching students and interested coaches, I would not be surprised to see many people involved in the sports when I return here,” said Mordaunt, who hopes NMBF members learned a thing or two from him and share these to others.

“I hope I was able to improve their playing skills and in return they will be able to teach these skills to other players, especially the young ones,” said Mordaunt, who is now in Palau to conduct similar clinics.

Calindas on behalf of NMBF thanked Mordaunt for sharing his time and expertise to the CNMI players and coaches and assured the OBC official that the association will do its best to promote the sport in the Commonwealth.

“The things we learned from him will not be put into waste, as we will go to schools to share these things to students and coaches/teachers,” Calindas said.

He added they will be coordinating with Public School System officials to arrange for coaching and players' clinics and by 2009, Calindas said they are hoping to hold an interscholastic tournament.

Meanwhile, Calindas thanked Tan for hosting Mordaunt's party and donating shuttlecocks.

Tan said he will continue to support NMBF and other sports associations in any way he can, as getting involved with various sports is his passion.

“Badminton, tennis, swimming, soccer, bowling, or any sport, as long as we see more people getting involved with sporting events, we will always be here to extend a helping hand,” Tan said.

(Saipan Tribune)

NMBF 12 official coaches

Twelve members of Northern Marianas Badminton Federation are now official badminton coaches after attending a coaching clinic at the Gilbert Ada gymnasium conducted by Tony Mordaunt, the Regional Development Manager of Oceania Badminton Confederation.

The list include NMBF president Marconi Calindas, Lito Mendoza, Gigi Zapanta, Hapi Gabriel, Shirley Kim, Macoi Aguda, Ingrid Sanchez, Babes Cielo, Emily Vargas, Merlie Savellano, Edwin Montoya, and Juliet Ramos.

The 12 members will continue to promote and teach the basics of the sport by going to schools and teaching the students and interested coaches.

Mordaunt said these coaches would eventually be able to officiate tournaments that OBC will be sanctioning in the future.

Coaching Course in Saipan, Twelve Successful

Tony is on his final days on the Roadshow in Saipan. Yesterday was the final day of the coaching course, they covered health and safety, movement, drop shots and net play; all of the coaches easily passed the course and due to them attending most of the sessions at the schools and the club. Saipan has some great coaches, well done to all 12 of you excellent work WELL DONE.

Those coaches who passed the course were NMBF president Marconi Calindas, Lito Mendoza, Gigi Zapanta, Hapi Gabriel, Shirley Kim, Macoi Aguda, Ingrid Sanchez, Babes Cielo, Emily Vargas, Merlie Sabillano, Edwin Montoya, and Juliet Ramos.


NMBF conducts 1st badminton clinic in schools

THE Northern Marianas Badminton Federation on Tuesday conducted badminton clinic at the Grace Christian Academy on Navy Hill with a foreign badminton coach/instructor on board its program.

Marconi Calindas, president of NMBF, said they have invited Tony Mordaunt from New Zealand to help them train young people the basics of badminton in selected grade schools and high schools on island.

The badminton clinic will run for 11 days.

Mordaunt, together with some members of the NMBF, taught 20 grade school and high school boys and girls of GCA.

Calindas mentioned that this is the first time a badminton clinic is conducted on Saipan, saying they have already toured some private and public schools.

NMBF recently toured Dandan Elementary School, Marianas High School, and Mount Carmel School to impart badminton skills to interested students.

Calindas said they have touched based with 50 students in MHS; 50 in Dandan; 34 in MCS.

Yesterday, NMBF has visited Garapan Elementary School.

Part of its program promoting badminton, NMBF also has conducted a badminton coaching clinic last weekend, benefiting over 70 participants in the process.

He said the participants at the coaching clinic will receive a certificate of training from the Oceania Badminton Confederation.

Mordaunt is the Regional Development Manager of the Oceania Badminton Confederation.

He has been involved in badminton for 25 years, and has been coaching for 17 years.

Calindas said Mordaunt will fly to Palau next week to train young people badminton skills in the said island.


Outdoor badminton a hit in Saipan

Tony visited his first school with 5 of the coaches who had attended the coaching course over the last 2 days. After giving a talk in to the whole school, they all headed off to the Baseball field to play badminton outside.

The biggest challenge is the wind but the kids rose to the challenge, Tony managed to keep the kids entertained for 2 hours outside in the sun which is not easy but having the equipment and giveaways that the BWF provided went a long way in assisting with making our first school visit on Saipan a great success.

Saipan introduces Badminton to school curriculum

Tony has visited Saipan as part of the BWF Roadshow, whilst there he met with Rita A Sablan who is the commissioner of education.

In the meeting Tony discussed how to introduce badminton into the sports curriculum and how to develop a school competition on the island. Rita was very helpful and keen to promote badminton to the youth of Saipan.


Roadshow starts with a coaching course

After 2 flights and over 1 and half days traveling, Tony finally arrived in Saipan to a welcome he will never forget; he was greeted at the airport by the team and was made to feel very welcome from the minute he got through customs, great start.

In the afternoon he had a meeting to discuss everyone's expectations and plans for the coming 10 days. I was very surprised how much the members have achieved in such a short time, since forming 3 years ago; they now have over 140 active members (great achievement).

Day two was the first day of their coaching course with 12 players / coaches attending, everyone was on time and could not wait to get started, the heat was unbelievable but still they gave 100% for the full 3 hours.

One very important element of the club is food, they love to get together after playing and socialize with food playing a major part, Tony said he could definitely get used to that, great fun.

During lunch the members played a video of past competitions and playing events, one member called Happy stood out as a star, very very funny.

Oceania Roadshow starts in Saipan today

Badminton Oceania asked if Northern Marianas Badminton Federation would like a visit from the regional development manager which is seeking membership with Badminton Oceania.

NMBF president Marconi Calindas is coordinating with administrators of the various schools to give the young kids the opportunity to learn basic information about badminton as well as basic skills and techniques of the sport.

Mordaunt will be there from Oct. 1 to 12.

Badminton is a regular sport in the Olympic calendar. It is the No. 1 sport in China and Indonesia, where the best players in the world are from.

It is also popular in New Zealand, Australia, the Philippines, Malaysia, and China.

Badminton tournaments have also become a regular fixture in Palau.

From the CNMI, Mordaunt will also have an 11-day visit to Palau because the two Micronesian islands have shown a lot of interest in becoming a member of Badminton Oceania.

Mordaunt's visit to Saipan is expected to pave the way for Saipan's inclusion into Oceania.

Aside from promoting the sport to schoolchildren, Mordaunt will also conduct a workshop for badminton club members who wanted to become coach.

Mordaunt, who has been playing the game for 25 years, had previously conducted such visits to other Pacific countries like Fiji, Tuvalu, and Norfolk Islands.

Earlier, Mordaunt sent messages to the NMBF about his excitement in visiting the CNMI.

He said his goal is to make sure to assist CNMI and Palau to sustainable in running the badminton association to enable them to develop their juniors and members.

He said the workshop would help a lot in the growth of the sport.
More coaches, he said, must be developed because they would help achieve such goal.

Mordaunt also thanked the BWF for providing support for this project.