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Tournament set April 19

NMBF shuttlers will once again compete and prove their skills on drop and net shots and their powerful smash in this year's tournament that will start on April 19.

Tournament organizers Macoi Aguda and Edwin Montoya said that the competition will be a round robin format and the combination of players will be determined through a draw lots.

The April 19 tournament is tentatively set every Monday and Saturday and will be finished on May 6.

Tournament director Macoi Aguda will start distributing entry forms and would accept registration for interested players. The tournament is only open to paid members.

The classification of all players will be discussed in a separate meeting, while organizers are also finalizing the entrance fee and prize money.

Aguda is also seeking volunteers for umpires, scorers, linemen, and tournament committee members. Those who would volunteer are advised not to join the tournament.

In the News: Saturday Badminton Open

Lazaro, Villaflor rule weekend badminton open

By Jon Perez

(Christy Villaflor, left, and Jojo Lazaro show off their prize money after winning Saturday's Northern Marianas Badminton Federation Saturday Weekend Open at the Gilbert C. Ada Gymansium.)

The duo of Jojo Lazaro and Christy Villaflor bested five other pairs to rule the Northern Marianas Badminton Federation weekend open, which returned after a weeklong break last Saturday at the Gilbert C. Ada Gymnasium.

Lazaro and Villaflor defeated the pair of Shirley Kim and Bong Soller, 21-19, 21-16, in the finals. They earned the first finals berth after a hard-earned 21-15, 20-22, 21-19 decision against the tandem of NMBF president Marconi Calindas and Michelle Callon.

Kim and Soller, meanwhile, dispatched the Marlene Peraja-Edwin Montoya tandem in the other semis match, 21-14, 21-19.

The weekend open is a double-elimination round format depending on the number of pairs that join in the one-day games, which is being held every Saturday morning from 8am to 11am.

The weekend open is also a practice session for NMBF players to prepare them for the upcoming tournament on April 19.

NMBF New Uniform

Below is the new design of NMBF uniform. It's free with your membership fee of $15. Other colors are also available for sale of $10.00 each.

Quarterly General Assembly held Marh 16

NMBF first quarter general assembly was held last March 16 at 6:00 pm at the Sun Palace hotel in Susupe.

The general assembly was presented by the reports from membership, finance, community project, and tournament committees.

President Marconi Calindas discussed about the exemption of the officers on paying monthly dues which was approved by the board members. He also settled the issue about the new gym utility usage fee which gone up to $10 per hour for morning games.

Present during the assembly were Marconi Calindas, President; Malou Mendoza, Finance Committee head; Macoi Aguda, PRO and Tournament Committee head; Board members Lito Mendoza, Juliet Ramos, Shirley Kim, Ray Sanches and members Jonathan Perez, Marlene Peraja, Anette Quiambao, Lucelle Lampera, Janice Bungalos and Marilyn Montano.

Minutes of Meeting

MINUTES OF MEETING held at Sun Palace
Sunday, 16th March 2008
6:00pm - 9:00pm


Marconi Calindas – President
Hapi Gabriel – Secretary/Membership Committee Head
Malou Mendoza – Treasurer/Finance Committee Head
Macoi Aguda – PRO/Tournament Committee Head

Lito Mendoza
Shirley Kim
Juliet Ramos
Ray Sanchez

Joathan Perez
Marlene Peraja
Anette Quiambao
Lucelle Lampera
Janice Bungalos
Marilyn Montano
Edwin Montoya - Vice President
Christy Villaflor - Auditor

I – Grievances/Issues Arising – Marconi Calindas

· The issue last March 10 when Juliet Ramos turned the lights off during the game knowing that the gym will charge NMBF $10 per hour without telling the players has been settled. Juliet Ramos apologized for what she did.
· Another issue was about the officers not paying their dues. It’s been discussed that as approved by the Board Members officers will not pay their monthly dues as their incentives but will pay their Annual membership Fees.
· Marconi also told members that if there’s any grievances or issues, members could approach the officers to resolve the matters. He also encouraged members to join in any committees.
· Marconi will be on vacation from March 22 to April 12. He assigned Hapi Gabriel to fill in for his absence.
· Edwin Montoya was excused during the meeting as he has now found a new job.
· Lucelle Lampera asked the officers if they ever used NMBF fund for their lunch meetings. Marconi said that in his term the officers never used the fund for any meeting expenses. Officers pay for their own food expenses during meetings.
· Business license to be renewed this week.
· Shirley Kim to turn over the used computer donated by Pearson to Hapi Gabriel.

II - Membership Report – Hapi Gabriel

· We have now 50 paid members.
· We have 31 monthly paying members for March.
· 7 new members joined the group
· Hapi is unable to release the newsletter (Badnewz) as his computer is broken but will be released next month.
· NMBF uniform will be available this week.
· Saturday mini tournament is for paid members only.
· Announcement of Saturday Game schedule to publish in Saipan Tribune.

III – Financial Report – Malou Mendoza and Shirley Kim

· January – March quarterly income was $2,115.00.
· Expenses to be reported (i.e. business license renewal, NMASA membership fee, Uniform, etc).
· Gym daytime usage fee raised from $10 to $15 (8am – 11am only).
· Non-members daytime (Mon – Fri) fee is $2.
· Members/players fee every Saturday is $2 (monthly or non-monthly paying members).

IV – Tournament Report – Macoi Aguda

· The tournament will be on April 19, 2008.
· Tournament days will be every Monday and Saturday but still tentative.
· Entry form to be distributed.
· Tournament is for paid members only.
· Players’ classification and pairing to be discussed.
· Entry fees and prize money amount to be determined.
· Juliet Ramos is willing to help in seeking sponsorship.
· Macoi Aguda is seeking volunteers for umpires, scorers, linemen and members for tournament committee.
· Macoi Aguda to meet with his members to finalize the upcoming tournament.
· Jon perez is willing to assist Macoi with the tournament.
· Saturday mini tournament winners to publish in Saipan Tribune.

V – Next Meeting

· Next General Meeting will be next quarter or first week of June.

NMBF Set of Officers

President - Marconi Calindas
Vice President - Edwin Montoya Head
Secretary - Rey Hapi Gabriel
Treasurer - Malou Mendoza
PRO - Macoi Aguda
Auditor - Cristy Villaflor

Board Members:
Lito Mendoza
Gigi Zapanta
Lupe Sabino
Elma Labuson
Roger Valez

Jojo Savellano
Ray Sanchez
Ariel Mariano

Membership Committee:
Hapi Gabriel -Head
Rubi Fortaleza
Diane Darjuan
Janice Bungalos
Marlene Peraja
Annette Quiambao
Lherie Galvan
Camille Samonte

Finance Committee:
Malou Mendoza - Head
Shirley Kim
Juliet Ramos
Merlie dela Rosa
Cristy Villaflor
Ana Alvarez
Jasmin Cordova

Tournament Committee:
Macoi Aguda - Head
Joseph Santos
Eric Pena
June Pineda
Bong Soller
Michelle Caleon
Ingrid Sanchez
Aries Cordero

Community Project & Development:
Edwin Montoya - Head
John Nguyen
Jonathan Perez
Ana Rose Omori
Marilyn Montano
Mario Diola

Members who are willing to join in any committee can enlist with your committee head or look for Membership Committee head Hapi Gabriel for registration.