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Till We Play Again...NMBF player bids NMI Adieu

It's not over between NMBF and you's just goodbye for now! You play badminton very well, i thought you were an NMI national team member...oks ba? You will be missed! Great performance at In Transit!

Alma wrote to NMBF:

to my nmbf friends and acquaintances,

I just want to say goodbye to all! I am leaving Saipan on February 10, 2007 (after 1 year and 2 days stay here in the island).
Playing badminton has helped me a lot to channel my homesickness in a more athletic and wholesome way.
I would forever be grateful for the friendship and camaraderie.

Goodluck to NMBF and to all its future endeavors.

-alma- (

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