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NMBF conducts 1st badminton clinic in schools

THE Northern Marianas Badminton Federation on Tuesday conducted badminton clinic at the Grace Christian Academy on Navy Hill with a foreign badminton coach/instructor on board its program.

Marconi Calindas, president of NMBF, said they have invited Tony Mordaunt from New Zealand to help them train young people the basics of badminton in selected grade schools and high schools on island.

The badminton clinic will run for 11 days.

Mordaunt, together with some members of the NMBF, taught 20 grade school and high school boys and girls of GCA.

Calindas mentioned that this is the first time a badminton clinic is conducted on Saipan, saying they have already toured some private and public schools.

NMBF recently toured Dandan Elementary School, Marianas High School, and Mount Carmel School to impart badminton skills to interested students.

Calindas said they have touched based with 50 students in MHS; 50 in Dandan; 34 in MCS.

Yesterday, NMBF has visited Garapan Elementary School.

Part of its program promoting badminton, NMBF also has conducted a badminton coaching clinic last weekend, benefiting over 70 participants in the process.

He said the participants at the coaching clinic will receive a certificate of training from the Oceania Badminton Confederation.

Mordaunt is the Regional Development Manager of the Oceania Badminton Confederation.

He has been involved in badminton for 25 years, and has been coaching for 17 years.

Calindas said Mordaunt will fly to Palau next week to train young people badminton skills in the said island.


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