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A Letter from the President

A letter he sent to NMBF Yahoo Groups regarding the Friday play mix-up on schedules and of course the tournament:

I would like to apologize for the mix up.

Let me explain what really happened, when we played
last Thursday the sports and recreation division staff
said they won't allow the students of this particular
school to use the facility because they only resreved
the gym by word of mouh, verbally.

I talked to them, Director Joe Lizama in particular,
in the morning during our game and the gym staff gave
us the assurance that we still have our morning

When I came back at the gym in the afternoon, around 4
I think, to pick up some score sheets, they told me
that they allowed the students to use the facility on
Friday and gave our time slot to them.

I don't have enought time to inform everyone even
Marconi, who by the way is my co-worker and a stone's
throw away from my desk.

I only had the chance to tell Ate Gigi, Hapi, Jinky,
Emil, and Edwin (I think) when I dropped by during
their bowling game at CBC. As for the rest, I was
planning to go on a text brigade but I don't have the
contact numbers of the regular people who play weekday
mornings. Plus my mobile phone's battery went dead.

When I had the chance to charge my batteries my mind
was preoccupied with other things.

I am sorry if for the past few weeks I have been
slacking off with my job as preisdent of our
organization. I would pick up where I left off to
continue serve and lead the badminton federation.

To Merlie, sorry to spoil your birthday party. Belated
happy birthday.

A thousand apologies to everyone.

As for the tournament, unless we find an alternative
venue we can not go on with it. The gym people won't
consider in lowering the fees, they said the $75 usage
fee and $10 for the electricity is the rate that the
DCCA and CUC gave them.

We can not afford paying almost $100/day. What if our
tournament lasted more than 10 days that's more than
$1000 just for using the gym. We will use up our
funds, plus the entrance fee just for this tournament.

The gym people even told me the organizers of the
baseball and softball leagues pay more than $300 a
game. If we can get another sponsor to back us up with
the fees and everything then we can push through with
the tournament.

As of now, it is put on hold until we and the Sports
and Rec division agree with the fees.


Envelop Ideas said...

Congrats on your maiden tournament! NMBF is growing by leaps and bounds. I would love to play Badminton but haven't hang-up my tennis shoes just yet.

Kudos to you, Jonathan, Ka Lito and Ka Malou, Mark and all members!!

Nice Blog too!!

marconi said...