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Tournament set April 19

NMBF shuttlers will once again compete and prove their skills on drop and net shots and their powerful smash in this year's tournament that will start on April 19.

Tournament organizers Macoi Aguda and Edwin Montoya said that the competition will be a round robin format and the combination of players will be determined through a draw lots.

The April 19 tournament is tentatively set every Monday and Saturday and will be finished on May 6.

Tournament director Macoi Aguda will start distributing entry forms and would accept registration for interested players. The tournament is only open to paid members.

The classification of all players will be discussed in a separate meeting, while organizers are also finalizing the entrance fee and prize money.

Aguda is also seeking volunteers for umpires, scorers, linemen, and tournament committee members. Those who would volunteer are advised not to join the tournament.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I like playing Badminton and I believe its a great sport. I thank you guys for spearheading or bringing this sport to CNMI. I like seeing you guys play but I totally hate the way you organize the play-off or "tournamnent.." Eversince, you guys started the tourney - there's always been a fight, quarrel or argument amongs the people involved. Look of what had just happened recently. This is supposed to be for FUN and Camaraderie but seems to be meaningless...I also find the pairing of teams unfair and very subject i.e. categorizing an individual if he/she belongs to A, B, or C. You don't even have a written guidelines/criteria or such committee to carry out the categorizing of skill level. Hey guys, I think you should reformulate this organization..there's a lot of BULLSHIT, shanigans and Chit-Chats going on with your organization...