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Father's Day Tribute: Lito Mendoza

His passion for badminton

People may debate over the superiority of badminton personalities in Northern Marianas Badminton Federation but for some only one name pops up to their minds - Lito Mendoza, 2007 NMBF Team Tournament champion.

Lito Mendoza, a proud better half of co-player Malou Mendoza and a father of two girls Chandelle and Krizia, has been living on Saipan for more than 30 years now. He is currently the president and owner of Tropex Garden Co. Ltd, L&M Enterprises and Traders Insurance Co.

Lito has always been interested in sports particularly athletic sports. He loved mountain biking, bowling and golf among many others. However, out of all these sports Badminton takes a major passion. He joined NMBF in 2006 and actively serves as a Board Member. He and his wife play badminton almost everyday. He has shown his generosity in sponsoring some of the NMBF tournaments.

“I like badminton because aside from the fact that it makes me sweat to the maximum level from head to foot compared to golf and bowling it also gives me the strength, good reflexes and of course good health”, he says.

In spite of his seniority, he has been religious in training himself everyday during practice games. When he gained more confidence with the games that’s when he began to join tournaments. His excellent performance in this sport with his powerful smashes has led him to great successes in winning most of the NMBF tourneys. His agile performance is characterized by speed and power game. His movements gracefully covered all the floor space. He simply knows when to rally and when to play at a speed. Once he launches his attack the opponent couldn’t almost rally back.

Many wanted to know the secret of his success - Discipline, dedication, and focus. He admits by watching professional badminton players on videos gives him the knowledge on how to improve his playing techniques. He also believed that losing is a natural thing, because as humans we will all experience defeat. This somewhat relieves the stress during a match as it lessens your fear and the upset, he said.

Father’s Day message:

“Father’s Day is one humbled but one glorifying happy event most celebrated by all families every year. We take upon ourselves to give our fullest thanks, praises and first priority to all mothers at all times, as they are the lights and glory of the family.

To become one good, discipline and a role model to your family, relatives and friends, is a tall order and perhaps a goal that all fathers must achieve. It takes hard work, patience, understanding, open heart, courage, maturity and most importantly spiritual growth

As a father, I am blessed to have such wonderful wife and two children and I can’t ask for more in life. Without my family, it would not be possible to achieve all my goals and successes I have right now. I feel lived and secured because I experience the extraordinary affection, respect, concern and unconditional love from them. I thank the lord for their availability, presence and companionship until the end of my life on earth.

To all the fathers, a Happy Blessed Father’s Day”