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-Start by serving from the right-hand court, diagonally from one service box to another, and alternate sides as points are won.
-Both feet must be motionless and in contact with the floor
-The whole of the racket head must be clearly below your wrist, with the racket shaft pointing downwards (in other words, the serve must be underarm
-Contact with the shuttle must be made from below the waist
-The shuttle must be hit with a smooth continuous movement forwards.


Try to play shuttle low over the net and on to the front service line of the court. The idea is to make your opponent hit the shuttle from below the net, so they have to hit upwards (“lifting” the shuttle) which gives you the chance to attack with a smash. A short serve should come from your elbow, but you can use your wrist to produce a surprise “flick” serve.

If your opponent is rushing in and attacking, try changing the length and power of your serve, and the length of time before you hit it. This will keep them guessing, and might rush them into a mistake. Try aiming for your opponent’s left shoulder (right, if they’re left handed). It’s more difficult to attack a serve coming across you.


This service is often used in the singles game... but don’t use it in doubles unless you have to! It gives your opponents plenty of time to smash, so you’ll be on the defense straight away. Use your normal racquet grip and take a larger swing, but make sure you hit the shuttlecock from below your waste
This service will move the opponent to the back of the court and will therefore create a lot of "free" on court. BUT, it will provide the opponent with plenty of time to attack with a smash or a drop-shot if you get it wrong.


In singles, you can put pressure on your opponent by consistently serving high and long. But, you need to be able to rely on your accuracy, and that means practice. Get hold of 20 old shuttles and try to get at least 15 out of 20 to land between the two back tramlines, using the high serve. Then try to land them all on the front service line with a low serve.

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