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NMBF holds Junior Tournament

Northern Marianas Badminton Federation helad a very successful Junior Badminton Tournament towards the end of the three-week Youth Summer Clinic last July 11 at the Gilbert Ada gymnasium.
With 26 youngsters taking aprt in the under 11 and under 18 age-group events, the compettition was full of energy and excitement.
Pauline Cielo and and Christine Joyce Cristobal look a class act and will become even better players with more experience, they were the convincing winners of the under 18 doubles as they proved too much for their oppenents Gilda Maria Ogarro being paired with another promising player Daniel Macario in the finals by 23-21 and 21-12 score.
Ezekiel Macario and Christine Vicena were winners of under 11 doubles, beating Kanata Omori and Camille Limon with the score being 21-9 and 21-13.
The other teams who took part in the competition and will no doubt improve with age and experience were under 11 Rodwealth Espana and Bea Arcilla; Jylan Capuyon and Paula Gozon; Noah Perez and Marielle Mercado, while in under 18 were John Joh Capuyon and And Armalene Cabreros; Mark Noel Puno and Erika Ann Palacios; Manatsu Omori and Mikky Vargas; Louie Cielo and Jenine Savellano; Mike Vargas and Crystalline Cristobal; and Luis Camacho and Luis Camacho.
NMBF vice president and coach Edwin Montoya said, "Once again the NMBF has achieved another successful and enjoyable tournament that hopefully will attract more players of all ages and abilities to join in this rewarding event."
NMBF wished to thank the coaches, parents, and volunteers who helped run the tournament. Without their support and efforts, the event would not be a success.
The winners received a new racket each and one month free of badminton training. Certificates were also given to all the participants of Youth Summer Clinic during the awarding.
Rodwealth Espana, Mike Vargas, Mikky Vargas, Daniel Macario, Ezekiel Macario, Camille Limon, Jylan Capuyon and John capuyon are now official members of NMBF.

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