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Edwin Montoya: Badminton's "Biggest Loser"

It's easy to put on weight as we get older, especially when we have a sedentary lifestyle but it’s never too early or too late to change your lifestyle for better health - and losing weight is one vital issue to achieve a healthy life especially for overweight people. A staggering amount of money is being spent on weight loss products just to shed excess body weight. However for Northern Marianas Badminton Federation Community Project and Development chair Edwin Montoya, it’s playing Badminton that made him the “biggest loser” - that is losing weight as much as 57 lbs. -- from 215 to 158 lbs.

The 41-year-old shuttler was overweight before he even thought of any exercises or diets. Then he became member of NMBF in 2006, and from then on he’s been religiously playing the sport (badminton) and started to lose weight. He recalled at first he couldn’t even hit the ball but he was really eager to play so he could lose his unwanted inches of body fat. Years later, after playing on a daily basis, he had already lost 60 pounds and it sustained until now.

“Playing badminton regularly can lead to a big difference in your weight and your health - it’s a great and fun exercise; it makes me sweat a lot. Diets simply don’t work for me because I end up feeling deprived, starved, and often bored with the regimen. Good health includes not only healthy eating, but also healthy exercise and badminton is the only type of exercise that helps me stay in shape”, Edwin said.

Edwin’s incredible weight loss has transformed him from an overweight into a more confident and well-adjusted person and expects to be far better on the sport. His achievements include winning 1st runner-up in Mixed Doubles event with partner Cristy Villaflor in 2006 NMBF Inaugural Tournament. He now serves as a coach to young badminton enthusiasts.

“It’s such a good feeling knowing that all the hard work of the last few years has paid off. I'm healthy, happy and finally at my target weight”, Edwin proudly ended.

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