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NMB-Traders team tourney holds draft

With the Traders Insurance Badminton Team Tournament a couple of weeks away, organizer Northern Marianas Badminton Federation held a draft last Saturday to determine the makeup of the eight teams taking part in the competition.

NMBF president Marconi Calindas said that the eight participating teams will be known by their colors-Black, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Gray, Red, and White.

He said each of the teams will have their team captains who are Grade A players, while the rest of the squads will be composed of three Grade B women, one Grade B in men, and one to two Grade C for men and women.

“The drafting was held successfully and each team captain expressed excitement while drawing for members. The group is now excited for the tournament to kick off on Nov. 22,” said Calindas.

The Black team will be led by captain Joseph Santos and his players will be Pauline Cielo, Keno San Pablo, Shirley Kim, Cheng Saturno, Alvin Alvarez, Ric Bue, and Angeline Ito.

The Blue team, meanwhile, will be made up of Riza Cano, Alfred Acosta, Ingrid Sanchez, Elma Labuson, Mario Diola, Victor Regis, June Padua, and skippered by Roger Vales.

Edwin Montoya spearheads the Green team and his players are Lupe Sabino, Roding Domingo, Christy Villaflor, Lea Estinopo, Gerry Balarao, Jojo Savellano, and Debra Fisher.

Constituting the Yellow team, headed up by Eric Pena, are Puy Macario, Merlie Tolentino, Marilyn Montano, Emily Vargas, Aries Montano, Arnel Bansagale, and Camille Samonte.

Calindas himself will captain the Orange team and his players are Irene Santiago, Louie Cielo, Babes Cielo, Ana Rose Omori, Gary Bandoja, Daniel Macario, and Dorie Pineda.

Lito Mendoza will lead the Gray team that is composed of Annette Ta, Marvin Pullan, Janis Parcon, Loida Ito, Saul Gargallo, Obet Aguilar, and Lani Bartolome.

The Red team will have Hapi Gabriel at the helm and he will have Malou Mendoza, Louis Camacho, Ana Alvarez, Malou Malasarte, Sherwin Samson, June Pineda, and Gigi Zapanta helping him.

The White team, made up of Elna Curate, Andrew Galvez, Marlene Peraja, Lucelle Lampera, Robert Reyes, Paul Navarro, and Ariel Mariano, will then look up to captain McCoi Aguda for leadership.

The Traders Insurance Badminton Team Tournament will be played Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at the Gilbert C. Ada Gymnasium.

Calindas said three companies and individuals have already signed on as minor sponsors of the annual badminton-fest, which has Traders Insurance serving as its main sponsor.

“We would like to thank minor sponsors such as Jerry Tan, PTI, and Shirley's Coffee Shop Susupe. We are still looking for more minor sponsors to help us out in the event,” he said.

For more information on the upcoming tournament, contact membership committee head Hapi Gabriel at 287-4274. (Saipan Tribune)

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