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43 teams compete in the 1st Annual Michelob Ultra Badminton Tourney

Here is the list of 43 competing teams for the 1st Annual Michelob Ultra Badminton Tournament

Class A (Men’s Doubles)

Wijay Priyawatan / John Nguyen

Lito Mendoza / Ryan Achas

Macoi Aguda / Edwin Montoya

Class B (Men’s Doubles)

Joseph Santos / Alvin Alvarez

Roger Valez / Saul Gargallo

Eric Pena / Jonathan Perez

Robert Reyes / Gerry Balarao

June Pineda / Jojo Savellano,

Sherwin Samson / Ariel Mariano

Gary Bandoja / Aries Cordero

Class B (Women’s Doubles)

Marlene Peraja / Emily Vargaz

Juliet Ramos / Janis Parcon

Elma Labuson / Janice Bungalos

Shirley Kim / Malou Malasarte

Merlie Savellano / Jaja Samonte,

Babes Cielo / Loyda Ito

Lanie Bartolome / Lot Abuel

Class C (Men’s Doubles)

Obet Aguilar / Sherwin Pusillos

Rick Bien / Cris Hilario

Efren Cacdac / Paul Navarro

Class C (Women’s Doubles)

Irene Santiago / Annette Ta

Lucelle Lampera / Lherie Galvan

Angeli Ito / Ana Rose Omori

Mixed Doubles

Merlie Savellano / Rick Brien

Loyda Ito / Efren Cacdac

Marlene Peraja / Obet Aguilar

Shirley Kim / Sherwin Pusillos

Gary Bandoja / Lucelle Lampera

Joseph Santos / Lherie Galvan

Saul Gargallo / Ana Rose Omori

Robert Reyes / Irene Santiago

Eric Pena / Angelie Ito

Sherwin Samson / Annette Ta

Jonathan Perez / Janice Parcon

Alvin Alvarez / Elma Labuson

Aries Cordero / Emily Vargas

Ariel Mariano / Babes Cielo

Jojo Savellano / Jaja Samonte

Gerry Balarao / Lot Abuel

Roger Valez / Malou Malasarte

June Pineda / Janice Bungalos

Lanie Bartolome / Cris Hilario

Juliet Ramos / Paul Navarro

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