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Mother's Day Tribute: Lupe Sabino

Age Doesn’t Matter
Badminton: The New Fountain of Youth

Lupe Sabino, a soon-to-be septuagenarian, has discovered the fountain of youth: BADMINTON. The retired 69-year-old math teacher from As Lito started playing badminton at the ripe age of 68. She joined the Northern Marianas Badminton Federation (NMBF) in October 2006 and has been actively involved, serving most recently as a board member. We asked her some vital questions regarding her interests and how she discovered badminton:

Why did you choose badminton as your sport?

Members of NMBF are very friendly and accommodating. Badminton is great for socializing and of course, for exercise.

How often do you play badminton? I play 4-6 days a week for approximately 1-3 hours each day.

Do you play any other sports aside from badminton? Yes, I was the team captain in basketball, and a member of the track and field, ping pong, and swim team during high school. I also enjoyed tennis, volleyball, softball, and bowling in the 80's. I still go swimming once a week, golf at the 3-par course and dance ballroom several times a week.

Have you ever joined a badminton tournament? If so, have you ever won in competition? Yes, I won 2nd place in mixed double C category and 3rd place in women’s double C category.

Do you have children & grandchildren? Yes, I have 4 children: Angie, a general dentist; Henaro, Jr., a pediatric cardiologist; and Ma'Ann & Ma’Lou, oral and maxillofacial surgeons. I also have 7 grandchildren with an 8th on the way.

What do they think of you playing badminton? My children are very proud that I am actively participating in badminton and am engaged in competition. They appreciate the importance of exercise and socializing during all walks of life, especially during the golden years. When I visit them in the US, each home has a badminton net set up for competition. They are impressed with my stamina which has increased since beginning badminton and ballroom dancing as I am able to keep up with the grandchildren. My energy level is even greater than some of my children, nephews and nieces!

What message can you give to people your age who also want to play badminton? Age does not matter. It’s your ATTITUDE, DETERMINATION, and INTEREST that counts. Whatever you feel like doing, by all means do it. Feel young at heart and you will never grow old!

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