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Customized Your Racket’s Grip

Well, this is just a grip but this is very crucial to how you are going to get the feel of your entire racket. The grip in badminton is your steering wheel. Have the best feel of it. Be comfortable with the grip because the grip is 90 percent of what you can only hold during the entire game.

Haven’t you wonder why badminton players often buy badminton grips even if they have just bought a new racket with a newly untouched and unused grip? This even holds true for tennis players and some ping-pong players as well. Well wonder no more, because often times than answer is just as simple as this. These grips are just much better than the original grips that go along with the racket from the factory. This is because each player has a different feel for the racket and a different way of holding or gripping on the racket. Though there is this standard way of holding it, each player is unique with a different need and preference for the way they would have their grip. Grip is one part of the racket wherein it has to be customized to suit each player’s personal preference. Some like there grip to be bulky and thick, so they add a new grip over the original to make it thicker. Some like their grip to be soft, as a result they buy this soft comfortable grips. Some have sweaty hands and so they prefer to buy a new anti-sweat grip or dry grips.

One way to avoid blisters is to have a grip customized just for you. Here are some tips on how to change or add a new grip to your racket.

Replacing for a New Grip

There are two ways of having a new grip. The first is to add the new grip over the old or original grip. The second one is to remove the original or old grip before replacing it with the new grip.

Adding a new grip over the old or original grip is usually for those who prefer to have a rounder thicker grip to hold. This is good only if the old grip is still well-fastened to the racket. If it is loosed, remove the old grip. If the problem is just the surface of the old grip, you may add the new grip over it. If it is an original grip of a new racket, remove first the protective wrapping of the grip if you plan on placing the new grip over the original grip.

When you wrap the new grip you bought, it is better to follow the instructions at the back of the grip’s container or box. If there is none, ask for a knowledgeable friend. If still youare unluck to have one, you may follow this simple guide.

Start wrapping from the end going up to the grip. Get a double-sided tape and use it on both ends underneath. Wrap it by overlapping each portion of the grip (tape) as you roll it accross. The easiest way is to hold the grip (tape) still, and rotate your racket even and slowly. As you reach the top end, wrap it with the tape provided to seal the ends.

If you run short or over of the estimate, you can just easily unwrap it and do it again.


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