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Oceania officer to visit Saipan

The development officer for Oceania Badminton Confederation will be on Saipan from Oct. 1 to 12. His visit could pave the way for the eventual inclusion of the CNMI in the zone's roster.
Northern Marianas Badminton Federation president Marconi Calindas said they are excited to welcome Tony Mordaunt, Badminton Oceania Regional Coaching/Development manager.
He said this is a chance for Mordaunt to learn more about the federation and how it is promoting the game here in the CNMI.
Calindas said that Mordaunt's visit would also be an opportunity for the players to hone their skills.
One of the important aspects of the visit would be a coaching clinic.
Mordaunt will be sharing his knowledge and skills with at least eight potential coaches from the NMBF.
The group is currently lining up schools for Mordaunt to visit.
“We are encouraging members to show up during game practices where Mordaunt will play with us and do some training for the members,” Calindas said the group is also excited to teach and impart to school kids the sport with a badminton veteran.
“I hope PSS will allow us to share Mordaunt's time with the school kids.”
Founded in Feb. 24, 2005, the NMBF is trying to promote the Olympic sport of badminton, especially to the local youth. It has grown rapidly to a total of 150 members since its creation.
The NMBF is also an organization that aims to develop badminton at the grassroots level and hopefully in the next five years, send one or two local players as representatives to off-island competitions.
(Saipan Tribune)

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