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A Tête-à-tête with a badminton pro: Spotlight on: Tony Mordaunt, Oceania regional development manager

By Marconi V. Calindas

After three months of organizing and preparation, Oceania’s first road show this year begins here on Saipan. Oceania regional development manager Tony Mordaunt, a badminton veteran, will begin his journey to the CNMI. He will meet with the Northern Marianas Badminton Federation on Saipan for 11 days followed by another 11 days in Republic of Palau.

Mordaunt said that both countries have shown interest in becoming members of Oceania Badminton that will be discussed during his visits. Mordaunt will be back in his Auckland office on Oct. 24.
He said the reason for the visits is to promote badminton throughout the schools, clubs and to run coaching workshops for new coaches. “My goal is to make sure I don’t just fly in, do some coaching and fly out; we need to assist these countries to become self sustainable to enable them to develop their juniors and members, therefore, the more coaches we can develop will go a long way to achieving this goal,” he added.
In the past Mordaunt visited the islands of Fiji, Tuvalu and Norfolk Islands among many others.
Mordaunt will keep the Oceania Badminton Confederation updated with his visit on Saipan and Palau through his journal that can be accessed through the confederation’s website

A Tête-À-Tête
MVC: How long have you been playing the sport?
Mordaunt: 25 Years
MVC: What made you focus on the sport?
Mordaunt: Played at school and enjoyed it, wanted to assist others.
MVC: What are your objectives in visiting Pacific Islands for the clinics?
Mordaunt: To help promote and develop the game of badminton through schools, teachers and coaches
MVC: What is your goal this time for visiting us here in the CNMI?
Mordaunt: To develop and promote badminton
MVC: What do you think makes an excellent badminton player?
Mordaunt: Footwork, determination, skill, mental ability and fun
MVC: What do you believe are the benefits of getting into the sport based on your experience?
Mordaunt: Health issues, fun, sociable, competitive,
MVC: What do you think is the status of the sport in the Pacific Islands?
Mordaunt: Every country I have visited is very keen. They are all in need of assistance.
MVC: Any message to the CNMI youth and badminton enthusiasts?
Mordaunt: I can’t wait to visit and have the opportunity to pass on as much information as possible, I look forward to meeting you all soon.


peter said...

dear tony i hope you are both well and enjoying life in N.Z. i tried to phone you without success but ican see from your website that all is well please forgive my typeing lack of skill.Jimmy recently had a stroke but he is making agood recovery.Mottram is as same as ever but i hope your golf is better than me back best wishes Trudie Peter

Anonymous said...

I have thought and have removed the message