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Tips for Beginners: Focus on What

There are three basic principles common to the racket sports that I have palyed. They are footwork, strokes, and grip. I play ping-pong, tennis, and badminton. Though they may have different strokes, grip, and footwork—all three sports hold that footwork, strokes, and grip are the essentials of playng a racket sport.

Footwork—badminton is a quick or fast-paced game. Without learning the proper footwork, a player will surely have to catch up with the shuttle during the rally. If you find yourself most of the time just a feet or two away from the shuttle as your opponent scores, try studying your footwork. Perhaps having the right footwork would have been the saving factor during those rallies. Unless you are “flash”, learn the footwork. A second of delay just because of a wrong footwork is already a big advantage for your opponent.

Strokes—learning the proper strokes can enhance your reflex, power, and speed. If you want to go for a strong smash, learn the correct stroke. Don’t learn the wrong strokes at the beginning and end up unlearning them in the future just to learn the correct strokes.

Grip—to imrpove your form. Learn the proper grip. Having a wrong grip would as a result give you some problems with your form and strokes as you advance. But if you learn the proper grip at the beginning, then you wouldn’t have a hard time going for new grips in the future so long as you are comfortable with it.

Learn the basics first before innovating for your own styles.


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