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Know Your Shuttlecock

With Yonex Mavis 350 (Yellow) Shuttlecock, you can buy the shuttlecock according to the speed you like to play your badminton game. You don’t even have to keep on adjusting your stroke or swing everytime a new shuttlecock is played. The green cap is for slow speed shuttlecocks, blue for middle speed, and red for fast speed.

Yonex Mavis Shuttlecock make sure that your shuttlecock would have a constant flight stability on a given distance. In fact, even the shuttlecock is scaled for a precise weight. This is giving players a zero trouble on adjusting their swings because of a shuttlecock. Players can now focus on their strokes and rackets for the game. If a player plays with different shuttlecocks, especially the not-so-quality, the player would end up adjusting his (her) swings everytime a new shuttlecock is used.