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A Second Racket For Backup

Serious badminton players should have more than one racket. And if you’re going to ask me why? Obviously because the strings of the racket might break anytime during the game. Many times we might be surprised to have a broken string after a couple of swings. We never know when it would break. The best thing to do is to prepare a second racket as a backup. If you want to continue the game, then have a second racket at all times with you. Unless you are not ashamed to borrow a racket from others nearby. But of course, there are those who are not so eager enough to lend their rackets. Many serious players treat their rackets as their babies; and they just wouldn’t lend them to anyone else.

Now, if you are decided to get a second racket, here is a tip not only from me but from many other serious players in the club. Buy or have one that is exactly the same as your first racket. This means—have your second racket similar to the first in terms of tension (string tension), grip, weight, brand, and everything. If the color makes a lot of difference for you, have the same color with both. This is simply to make no more adjustments or at least less adjustment once you continue the game. It is quite late to make new adjustments in the middle of the game after changing for an entirely different racket. We assume that you have been practicing with your first racket. And that you are attuned and used to its weight, tension, power, and grip—so why not have similar racket for the backup?

But of course, there are also others who choose to have a different racket for the bakup. Others may have similar racket for the backup in terms of brand and weight, but having it with a different tension (string). At times, some used a racket with a different tension to adjust and counter depending on the strength and style of the opponent.

And there are others too, who have a second racket which is exactly the same as the first; while they also have a third racket with a different tension.


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