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Tips for Beginners: Approaching Shuttle Just Over the Net

By Neil Anthony

What will you do when the shuttlecock comes right over the net? Of course, hit it back in toward the opponent’s side. But the question is how?

Here are the steps to do it.

In this context, we are assuming that this is a singles game and that you are at the center. That is halfway between the baseline and the net, and between the two sidelines. This is to give you an advantage to take on the shuttle wherever the opponent would place it—whether to your back, infront of you, to your far left, or to your far right.

When you see the shuttle coming right over the net, immediately step forward. If you are a right-hander, step with your right foot. If you are a left-hander, then step first with your left foot. Then you put your feet together. Make a lunge exerting more thrust on the foot where your hand is holding the racket. When stepping forward and going for the thrust, keep your racket up. That is to prepare you for a quick strike.

Once you are up and going for a strike, your racket should be in a going down position almost touching the net. This is for the shuttle to go for a steepy decent, once you would hit it. Amateur players would unlikely counter an attack like this.

The best strategy where to place the ball is to go somewhere down the lines—sidelines or baseline—or to go for a crosscourt. If you are striking from the right side of your court, hit it going across to the left side of your opponent’s court. This will give him less options for the counter. And hit it well enough that it is quick and strong. That is obviously to have your opponent unprepared.

Then immediately go back to the center just in case your opponent would be quick enough to counter.

I hope that this tip would help both beginners and not-so-seasoned players in overcoming their apprehensions when a ball is coming just over the net. Many beginners would just end up staring at the ball with out even lifting a foot. Others would go for a leap right straight at it without exactly knowing what to do. The next thing they knew—the shuttle was just right on their face. Well, because I had it too.

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